Seniors – Vacation and Special Event Hair

Does the thought of attending an outdoor wedding or formal event make you want to hide in air-conditioned comfort? Does the humid weather make your hair become more unruly than a two-year-old throwing a tantrum?

Instead of fighting a losing battle, add product and opt for an updo. Today active seniors are busy and want to see and do everything their destination has to offer, their hair grooming routine must be simple. Whether you travel the world or vacation in your own backyard, here are some suggestions to help your hair look it’s best.

Protect Your Hair

Most of us protect our skin when we are exposed to the sun, take time to protect your hair as well. Exposure to the sun is bad enough, but add salt water, chlorine, and chemical processing, and you might have fried, straw like hair. To prevent this, protect your hair with umbrellas, scarves, or a hat. Use a hair product with sunscreen to protect hair and scalp from burning. Treat your hair to regular conditioning treatments, trim to rid your hair of dry damaged ends and your hair will respond well, especially outdoors. When possible, air dry and avoid tight rubber bands and brushing hair while wet to prevent further damage.

Elegant Updo or Classic Bun

A side ponytail can take you from a day at the beach to a black-tie affair in minutes: separate pony into five equal parts and loosely twist each section rolling and pinning to resemble a flower. Longer hair can be twisted and pinned into place, tucking ends to create a classic bun. This will keep you from feeling overheated and hide damaged ends. Add a leave- in conditioner with sunscreen to protect your hair while exposed to the sun and allow the heat to penetrate and deep condition your hair at the same time. When on a cruise or outdoor event, adding accessories to your hair can make for a sophisticated fashionable look. Many celebrities wear this look on the red carpet.

Loose Healthy Hair

Healthy hair requires less heat to style and less spray to hold it’s its style. Wear hair down with a few curls on the ends. These curls can be natural, from rollers, or a curling iron.

“My mother was prematurely grey, so when my hair started to turn grey I had to research how to take care of it. I found that using only white or clear shampoo and conditioners did the trick. Sometimes I use moisturizing or volumizing shampoo, depending on its need. I also discovered that heat and chlorine made white hair yellow. I keep my dryers and hair tools on the coolest setting and I am careful to cover my hair when I am in the sun. I am a model and actress and get many jobs because of my hair. I thank my mother for this wonderful gift and encourage other women to let their hair go natural. If it doesn’t work out, you can always color it!!!” ~Midge Mamatas, photographed.

Whether you use a serum to add shine, dry lightweight oil to remove frizz, or mousse for hold, the right product can give the appearance of healthy shiny manageable hair. The right hair style can also keep you cool and fashionable all vacation long. Bon Voyage!

Ro Martinez Rimes and Angela Mann are part of the Angela Mann Photography creative team. They will help you with branding, marketing materials, and all of your commercial photography needs.


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