Wearable Art

For me art is creativity without restrictions, a necessary outlet. Art can inspire, bring joy to your surroundings and add color to your home and office. If you don’t think art has an influence on you, think again. Art hanging on hospital walls is meant to have a soothing and calming effect to help patients recuperate and reduce anxiety of those families in waiting rooms. Restaurants spend a great deal of money researching the colors that are proven to increase appetite. It’s no accident that many restaurants use red in their artwork and décor – a color known to increase appetite. Art, just like music, can actually change your mood. If you have a stressful day, sitting down with your favorite sound track in front of the right art can calm you down. Music therapy is used in the health care profession and is clinically proven to aid emotional and physical well-being as well as social functioning.

What does art have to do with fashion? Plenty! Picture art and fashion merging to create one-of-a-kind pieces. These pieces are considered wearable art, where function meets creativity. The way you dress says a lot about you. Are you an introvert, extrovert, artistic, casual, formal, or person who is fashion savvy? These things have less to do with income and more to do with style and the way you coordinate your outfit.

The Haute Couture pieces you see coming down the runway worn by tall, thin models during New York Fashion week, in Paris and other locations are meant to inspire and help produce the ready-to-wear versions you eventually see in department stores. After a major fashion show others are inspired by the style, silhouette or color of designer’s line. How can you use one-of-a-kind runway pieces to inspire you to create a more conservative version? One idea is to adapt the dress to create something for your body type and lifestyle. Creating a ready-to-wear version of artful costumes worn on the runway can be as simple as using the same color or as complicated as trying to create a pattern in the same silhouette, fabric and accessories.

When it comes to art there is no limit to what the imagination can dream up. From painted canvas to mixed media of glass, metal, fabric and recycled materials, artists use their talent to turn these otherwise basic materials into unique treasures. Some create sculptures from marble, metal, wood or clay. Designers create their own art using fabric, notions and accessories.

Designers are creative people who go for the wow factor. Most of us would not be able to wear their artistic vision. Instead we can wear our own adaptation or interpretation. Go out and be inspired by art, from beautiful paintings hanging up in art galleries to the dramatic garments on the runway. It’s about developing a style by taking bits and pieces and combining them in such a way that is fresh, and most of all, you!


“My inspiration can come from different things. Colors and shapes that surround me play a big part of my inspiration. Lately I am working on combining different materials like marble, steel, glass, stainless and more. My pleasure comes from finding expression and characters and experiencing the sensitivity of the materials. When working with a client I provide them with a sketch and I am in constant communication with them before starting and during the creative process. I have a vision but when you are the artist (which takes years to develop) you know what you are doing to be able to create fantasy. My art is 80% to 90% me and the rest a clients input…” Mark DeWaele, Artist


“Art plays a big role in inspiring my own personal style. For example, when I see a piece of art I automatically envision an outfit that expresses my inner creativity. It could be the shape, color or texture of the artwork, but it always provides a theme for my outfit. Finally, when the whole look comes together I feel as if it forms a piece of art in itself.” Becca Seiler, Model, Hairdresser and Designer

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