Purses Function Over Beauty

Model: Alicia
Stylist: Ro Martinez Rimes

It is not unusual for women to have hectic schedules and go from daycare to work, and then off to the grocery store and a dinner date all in the same day. Having a purse that can perform a variety of functions is a way of simplifying our daily routine. No one wants to carry a cute purse plus a tote bag for the items that do not fit, such as baby wipes, reading glasses or hand sanitizer. As business women, models, moms or students we must rely on our purses to hold everything we need throughout the day.

Ask any mom and she will tell you 24 hours is simply not enough to do the things she needs to accomplish in one day. Purses must double as diaper bags and do triple duty as overnight and laptop bags. A good structured bag with compartments is as important as quality. Moms need bags with pockets on the outside as well to keep track of their keys, cell phones or often used items.

As a businesswoman, I know the importance of being organized. My bag has to be large enough to carry my files, laptop or other electronics I may need to keep track of my meetings. Large is not the only criteria; the bag must also be padded to protect my electronics and have a comfortable adjustable strap for business trips. On my list of requirements is that the bag be attractive and not too heavy to carry.

Young people and the not-so-young who have returned to school need a purse or backpack that fills many roles and must be roomy enough to carry books, electronic equipment, pens and pencils, calculators and the list goes on. My son had a teacher who graded students on organization and she performed regular checks on the students’ bags. The more organized the student was, the better they fared in her class. The proper bag can help you stay organized if it has compartments that are easy to reach. Since students are rough on their bags, durability is one factor to consider.

Since I find myself traveling on a regular basis for both business and pleasure, I have tried many types of bags. I use a black diaper bag with interior and exterior compartments as my travel bag of choice. The bag makes finding my passport and reading glasses a snap. Before you make a purchase, considering everything that must go in your travel bag: wallet, passport, reading material, lightweight sweater, snack and more. Other bag options are a duffel bag, tote bag or backpack. Your travel bag does not have to match the rest of your luggage, have fun while keeping function foremost in your mind.

When going on a date, you may choose a bag that is stylish and more fashion forward than any other bag. This is the only time you do not need to worry about compartments and the size since you will carry just a few items like a lipstick, powder, cell phone and keys. You will also need your license, credit card and a few dollars for tipping the valet. Beaded purses lend themselves beautifully to these occasions and are my favorite.

Fashion means different things to different people. But one thing is for sure, a fashionista who loves a good bag will put an entire outfit together around her purse. What is of interest to them is that their purses have style, color and stand out. As a model, I know firsthand what is needed when booking a print job, runway or any other type of modeling job. I strive for beauty and function in a large bag.

Enjoy your quest for the perfect purse and if you cannot decide between one and the other; why not get both? Some of us collect shoes, others purses!

“Larger bags continue to serve as double duty. No longer do women need to carry a purse and an additional bag to hold our laptop or iPad they have become a fashionable trend in every color which allows us to go from work to a night out on the town. Because the heavier load we are housing in our bags, designers are creating a stitch that is stronger and attaching sturdier straps. We can honestly say that our electronics have become as important to us as our makeup bag.”
~ Sandra D, Fashion Stylist

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