Inspired by Couture


When I think of couture, I think of wearable art that can instill a feeling or emotion. After introducing designer Valentino, Oprah said, “It’s like wearing art.”

Creative designers welcome each season by unveiling their collections on the runway or wearable art. Their new styles, colors and silhouettes inspire you to put together a career wardrobe that is both fashion-forward and appropriate for business – or any event that calls for conservative or professional dressing. This inspiration is easier to find than you think and can come from all around us but specially from the runway. Use of the same fabric, color or featured detail allows you to gain the flavor of the original couture piece in a way that is more appropriate for your lifestyle.

Couture refers to custom-made, designer clothing and is used as an abbreviation for haute couture. Haute couture is French for “high sewing.” It refers to made-to-order, high quality clothing, usually created from fine fabrics and with great attention to detail, by leading fashion houses. Haute couture is high fashion – expensive, exclusive and trend-setting. In France, haute couture has a stricter meaning. Only design houses that meet specific criteria are allowed by law to use the words haute couture on their labels.

A career wardrobe must be conservative but by no means boring. No longer confined to black, brown, or navy blue suits, women have more flexibility. What better way to attract attention then with color, texture and the shape of their fashions? Look to the runway for ideas. A well-fitting tailored red suit worn with a neutral colored blouse is now perfectly acceptable in the business world. Today’s woman can wear bright colors, shorter skirts, and lower neck lines that in years past would have been labeled as scandalous.

Jacka Saldana, our featured designer shared, “Today’s women are always on the go, leaving little time to spend on our appearance for work which has an effect on how we feel about ourselves and eventually our self esteem. Therefore, I took a gown and turned it into a Business Couture piece that works for most professional women. My Business Couture line will also include a full line of colored fabrics that are stylish with a professional look that will make any woman feel beautiful and empowered throughout the day.

Accessories play a very important part in making you feel polished. Having an edge in this competitive business world will help you land a lucrative job or boost your success if you are a business owner. One chunky piece such as a pin or necklace is better than a few very small ones to draw the eye up to your face holding your client’s attention longer. You can mix metals, textures, and styles for a unique look. Your grandmother’s vintage broach worn on a lapel can be paired with gold or silver hoop earrings. Wearing your business outfit for an evening event or date is as simple as transforming your look with an attention-getting headband, hairstyle or dramatic makeup.

Look at designers as the visionaries they are. From piles of fabric and notions, they visualize and create frenzy in the audience as a result of their designs. Couture dressing, recently thought of for brides only, is not a lost art. One-of-a-kind dressing is more affordable than you think, and well-fitting garments that you have a say in designing are just some of the reasons that you should consider. Some designs, such as clear vinyl pocket jeans exposed more of your bum than necessary, never became popular. Others, such as bell-bottoms, shirtdresses and Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress, made history. Perhaps you will pick a trend to incorporate into your wardrobe that will be around for years to come. Until next time, be fashionable!

Model: Xiomara Velez

Fashion: Jacka Saldana of Jacka Designs

Hairpiece: Dolly Donshay

Makeup: Ro Martinez Rimes

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