Launch a New Career: Be a Senior Model


If you think you are too old to become a model think again. Look around at all the advertisements and you cannot go one day without seeing seniors photographed as active and healthy with a thirst for life. Whether it’s the medical community, a builder advertising luxury condos, or a cruise line showing grandparents having the time of their lives, it’s no wonder that mature models are in demand.

To get ready for a successful new career as a model take good care of yourself. If you’re guilty of spending too much time in the sun, eating a poor diet, smoking or drinking it’s not too late to make changes. Get enough sleep, rest and try to avoid stress. Pay attention to posture, which is very important as you age. Avoid extreme diets. Also, develop a regular exercise routine that includes stretching. Consult a doctor before starting any exercise program.

In my book, Modeling at Any Age, I wrote about seniors and their role as models in our commercial market: “The media keeps us informed of new discoveries about what to eat and what to avoid. Exercise keeps us physically and mentally active. A strong faith and the love of family and friends have a positive effect on how long we live and how healthy we are during those years. The emphasis is not on looking young, but on being healthy and having a fit body, being the best you can be at any age…

Prudent advertisers know this and use healthy, attractive seniors to advertise to other seniors. Seniors relate to ads targeted at them, they want to see themselves represented. After all, an eighteen-year-old yacht pilot or some baby-faced kid posed in front of a mansion is not realistic. This is one of the largest growing groups in advertising, not just for denture creams or over-the-counter medications, but for more glamorous bookings selling cruises, new homes, art, investments and many beauty products. Why should skincare and cosmetics be limited to the young? Many seniors focus on better nutrition and on improving their looks, being more active and in better shape then some of that are decades their junior.”

Anti-aging products continue to pop up in the market because baby boomers refuse to age the way their parents did. Mature models are used in all aspects of modeling, especially commercial print. They are portrayed as attractive, healthy and affluent individuals who now have the time and means to pursue their dreams. So vast is the demand for the over-40 model that agencies such as Elite, Ford, Wilhelmina and other smaller agencies have divisions for older models.

Modeling at Any Age is a step-by-step, comprehensive, easy-to-read guide for modeling and how to flourish in the industry. For information on becoming a model or actress or to purchase my book please message me.

Model: Vonda

Concept and jewelry: Ro Martinez Rimes

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