Colors of the Seasons


The way we dress communicates volumes. Our choices say a lot about our style and how we feel. An all black outfit without a touch of color, jewelry, or any type of accessory may feel stuffy and dark, while the same outfit with turquoise jewelry or a purple scarf may feel very elegant and fashionable. Versatile colorful accessories can be used over and over again and can be worked into many seasons.
Winter is the perfect time for layering fashion pieces for warmth and style. When weather gets gloomy, cold or rainy, dressing in fun colors brightens anyone’s day. For a fashion boost, invest in a colorful wrap. Keep one in your car for those times when the restaurant or office is cooler than expected.
Spring is a season that inspires me to make room for summer or vacation clothes that are brighter in color and lighter in fabric. Temperatures are perfect for spending more time outdoors to enjoy emerging vegetation. Remember to keep a bright colored wrap or large scarf in the car for those chilly nights.
Summer means steamy days and nights make it ideal to vacation on the beach. Beach or resort wear gives you the opportunity to have fun and be creative. Colors should be bright – electric bright. It’s a great time to use our creative license and take chances.
Fall is my favorite time of year because colors become deeper and fabrics richer. Scarves are the most economical way to add a pop of color. A lightweight scarf worn under a business jacket adds color to a boring suit. Heavier scarves provide warmth on cool mornings or evenings out with friends.
Adding color to your wardrobe does not have to break the bank, focus on a few key pieces. A colorful hat punches up last year’s blazer. Bright colored boots can be worn with thick colorful tights under a sweater dress. A rap in an unexpected shade can be layered over a plain sweater or favorite jacket. Relax, get creative, and start to communicate with color. Those of us who love color know the power our favorite color can have on our mood, energy and confidence. When planning your outfit start with color first, it’s a guaranteed mood lifter.

Model: Sunny Mucha

MUA: SinfulMakeupArtistry

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