About Our Team

Photo by http://www.angelamannphotography.com

Ro Martinez Rimes
Fashion Blogger, Stylist, Acting and Modeling Coach

Ro is an expert in her field and shares her passion for the acting and modeling industry through her classes and programs. She has developed Models Bootcamp, an intensive 30-day challenge to inspire and help her students reach their goals. Her fashion and modeling articles have been published over 100 times and her modeling guide; Modeling at Any Age, is a step-by-step course.

Photo by Ro Martinez

Angela Mann Photography
Commercial and Fashion Photographer, Modeling Coach

Angela Mann is a highly motivated natural light, commercial and fashion photographer with a keen eye for detail. As an artist with the camera lens she creates images that will help you achieve agency representation. Her photos have graced the pages of six publications and over 80 articles.

Megan Simons

Fashion Writer and owner at Pippa Pelure since 2012


Megan has been designing since she was a teenager, she styles models for fashion shows and magazine shoots. Megan shared; “Everyday I am motivated by my belief that all women should be confident, beautiful, and free to have their own unique sense of style. Looking good makes us all feel more positive, which leads us to confidence and productivity”.

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