Vintage Style Wedding

Vintage is continuity between the past, the present, and the future, but how do you achieve it? To me, vintage style means lace, ruffles, a soft color palette, and small touches of a bygone era. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your vintage wedding plans:

An authentic vintage wedding dress worn by the bride’s mother or family member is the perfect touch for the vintage bride. Or have one made by a skilled seamstress who can add that vintage feel.

Art Deco, etched scrolls, or filigree styles can be inherited from family or purchased affordably because vintage rings have been previously worn by another couple.

Vintage touches such as rhinestones, pearls, and crystals can be found on vintage headpieces, hair ornaments and bridal jewelry and can add the perfect soft touch to any bride.

“Flowers are very important to any size wedding and theme. A bride’s personality can be shown through her choice of flowers, and they provide a way for a bride to express herself in color and design.” Amanda Gabro, florist who provided flowers for our bride.

A soft color palette, cascading flowers and pearls, along with a vintage-inspired topper are needed for a vintage feel.

Tea-dyed table toppers with dried flowers in mason jars wrapped with sheer lace and tied with a variety of ribbons as centerpieces set the perfect mood for grandmother’s china or mismatched floral-inspired dinnerware. Vintage doors anchored and adorned with lace panels can make a beautiful backdrop for the bride and groom’s table.

Keep it simple. Break down the planning into several manageable stages. Do not try to do it all yourself and attend to too many details. Invite family and close friends to assist with all the details. They will never know you need help unless you ask them. If it’s in your budget hire a coordinator.

“Including a day-of coordinator in your budget will save you both time and money. They can make suggestions on the best and most affordable places to make purchases as well as create a professionally written timeline that will have you enjoying your day stress-free. Weddings don’t have to be expensive in order to be memorable. It’s the little things that count most; the songs you choose, the interaction you have with your guests and the smile on your face.”
Keri Lugo, Timeless Rose Events

Once you select your theme, stick with it. Flip-flopping after you make purchases in the middle of the planning stage can lead to frustration, and the décor will lack cohesion. Keep your budget in mind and splurge on items that are visible or important to you.

A vintage themed wedding never gets old. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Hair and makeup:



Leggings Offer Comfort and Style

Previously published in Tampa Style Magazine

If you shied away from wearing leggings because they were fitted or because you felt they were revealing, think again. This fashion staple started out during the renaissance and Shakespearean periods (15th – 17th centuries), worn primarily by men. During the 1980’s leggings gained popularity as workout attire and were worn by those with good physiques. Today most everyone owns a pair of black leggings because they are easy to wear and comfortable. The lycra in the material is what allows us the comfort to move and bend with ease. Leggings are one of those fashion staples that will permit you to go from the gym to the office with a quick addition of a tunic length top, sweater, or jacket. Keeping your leggings a neutral color will make it easy for you to wear them with everything.

Leggings offer versatility and fit most body types; petite, tall, thin, and plus-size. They also offer support (comparable to support hosiery) while making a fashion statement. Knowing what to wear with them is most important.


Apple – Fullness in the middle means you don’t want to tuck anything in. Avoid belting as it will draw the eye to your waist and add additional fullness. Wearing a monochromatic color scheme such as black with a bright jacket will give you a longer appearance, camouflaging a full tummy. The same color top and bottom will not cut you off visually at the middle.

Boy Shape – A body similar to that of a fashion model with fewer curves and almost no hips allows you the freedom to be fun and creative. Team your leggings with a pleated mini skirt and cropped jacket. The use of banded tops can give the illusion of a more curvaceous figure.

Pear – Fullness in the thigh, hip and bottom means you want to avoid banded tops or any style top that stops at the full area as this will draw attention to it. A-line styles will skim the hip area rather than stretch over it. Tops with detail around the neck will draw the eye upward as well. Bottoms should not have pockets on the hip because they will add fullness. As with apple shapes, tucking in a bulky top can give the appearance of a larger size.

Hour Glass – Bust and hips that are in proportion with a small waist means you can wear almost any style. Try teaming your leggings with a cropped jacket layered over a longer top. Although hour glass body types can normally tuck in their tops, legging styles look best with tops untucked because of the elastic waistband.

As a previous fit model (fit models try on samples and make comments on fit; corrections are made until garments fit properly) I learned fit is more important than style. Other people see style but only you feel the proper fitting garment. Garments should not pinch, pull or stretch over your body. A proper fit means comfort throughout the day. Our generation has embraced the fact that you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style. Leggings afford you the opportunity for both comfort and style.
Caring for your leggings is easy – machine wash cold, line dry. Garments with lycra should be hung to dry as this will extend the life of the item. Please be sure to read the care instructions on the label. Drying in high heat may cause damage over time.
Finally, complete your look with appropriate footwear. Your activity throughout the day will dictate the style of the shoe. For example, an active mom, teacher, or student will want sneakers or flats to keep up with their daily activity. For a trendier fashionable look you may opt for boots that may be worn to a dinner party or date. Business women will want to choose a more conservative shoe such as a neutral colored pump or flats while avoiding excessive buckles and straps.

Be bold, be fashionable, but most importantly be you!

Previously published in Tampa Style magazine

For more fashion advice and modeling know-how, order Ro’s book; Modeling at Any Age.

Alysa & AnneMarie

Sylish Eye Protection

Sunglasses do more than make a stylish statement, they protect your precious eyes from damaging UV rays or Ultraviolet Radiation. What was once a fashion accessory is now a necessity. Elton John, Kim Kardashian, and Lady Gaga are just a few of the celebrities that have made sunglasses synonymous with style. You can do the same. Protection is easy and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. When selecting sunglasses, consider your face shape. John Lennon wore round glasses that suited his face. Eyewear is an investment you can’t afford to go without. This is especially true during the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. when UV rays are strongest. Eye protection should be a priority, not just during the Summer, but year-round. Even on a cloudy day UV rays are strong.


Fisherman, landscapers, and roofers are at risk for damage because of the amount of time spent working outdoors.

Models who pose at the beach or pool are at risk because of the sun reflecting against sand or water.

Young children are especially at risk because they are still developing and spend many hours playing outside without thinking of protecting their eyes.

Let’s face it we are all at risk by simply driving during those hours.


With so many stylish shapes such as round, square, rectangle, and asymmetrical, just to name a few, you are sure to find a style to fit your face, mood and budget. You may be tempted to grab the first pair you see, but I urge you to do your research. Remember, inexpensive isn’t always better. I go for style rather than shape; my favorite style is retro. We may not agree on style or shape, but one thing is certain; eye protection is a necessity. To get the most out of that protection, wear sunglasses daily, especially during the critical hours of 10 to 4. Having more than one pair means you can coordinate with your outfit or match your activity.


Clean after each use to remove perspiration, makeup, or sunscreen. Using a glass cleaner with ammonia can remove any protectant coating and damage your lenses. Instead use basic dish soap diluted with water and pat dry with a soft cloth, rubbing with any paper products can scratch the lenses. When in doubt, follow the manufacturers cleaning instructions. Store sunglasses, in a sturdy case to avoid scratches and broken lenses or frames as a result of being crushed at the bottom of your beach bag or glovebox.

You must be diligent to protect your skin from too much sun exposure to ward off the resulting damage of premature aging of skin, liver spots and skin cancer. Eye protection is just as important as UV damage can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, and burning of the cornea. The larger the frame the greater the protection. Don’t hide from the sun. Reach for sunscreen and a stylish pair of sunglasses. For more information and advice on protecting your eyes please consult an eye doctor.


Stylist: Ro Martinez Rimes

Models: Erja Eskelinen, LaVonne Hinds

Sarongs More Than a Cover-up

During our summer months, island breezes remind me of my native roots in South America, where beaches seem to make time stand still and sunsets linger. Natives on the beach, their glistening, golden bodies moving rhythmically to the beat of drums, created memories I will never forget. Their sun-kissed skin was hidden only by their handmade cover-ups known as sarongs. The luscious, colorful fabrics and intricate designs of their sarongs looked like art swaying in the wind. Though we may have strayed from our roots, Florida retains an ethnic flavor due to the mixture of beautiful people from different countries. Our residents introduce us to their customs and way of dressing. Floridians do not travel very far to enjoy their beaches, and it is no wonder the locals have adopted a laid-back attitude. “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” is the unofficial motto in a state where people work hard in order to play hard. We prize the mild temperatures and outdoor lifestyle, so sarongs are perfect for Florida life.
Boating communities, tourists on cruises, and weekend warriors spend much of their recreation time on the water. Swimming, surfing and other aquatic activities require a wardrobe consisting of a bathing suit and cover-up. Going from the water to a restaurant or grocery store is easy by draping and tying a sarong. If you can tie a knot, you can tie a sarong. Gone are the days of stopping by the house to change before your next event. A sarong makes it possible to transition easily from day to night. This large, rectangular piece of colorful fabric is handcrafted, resulting in a variety of patterns and styles. You may wear your sarong as a cover-up by wrapping it around your waist, as a bandeau dress by knotting it around your bust, or as a halter dress by wrapping it around your bust and tying it around your neck. Sarongs are not limited to Summer. Try using one as a scarf over a blazer for additional warmth during chilly nights, or as a shawl over a sleeveless dress in the evening.
The sarong is one of my favorite pieces to take on vacation. It is lightweight and folds neatly, saving valuable luggage space. Sarongs are a one-size-fits-all solution when you need a cover-up that is both functional and stylish. The sarong can take you from play to fine dining or dancing with the addition of the right jewelry and shoes. With so many patterns, colors and fabric choices, you become your own designer, making it easy to find one that matches your swimsuit.
Island breezes do not have to end with Summer on the beach. You can enjoy the tropical feel year- round by using sarongs in your home decor. They can add color, texture and ethnic flavor to your surroundings.
For versatility, try using sarongs as window treatments, table runners, or throws. Sew them to make pillow covers. When having a dinner party, fold your sarong in thirds and place on the edge of your table, creating one long colorful place mat, or hang and tie on your gazebo for a colorful partition that is useful for blocking the sun and adding privacy. Draping, folding and simple sewing can turn your home into an island oasis to be enjoyed all year long.

Colors of the Seasons


The way we dress communicates volumes. Our choices say a lot about our style and how we feel. An all black outfit without a touch of color, jewelry, or any type of accessory may feel stuffy and dark, while the same outfit with turquoise jewelry or a purple scarf may feel very elegant and fashionable. Versatile colorful accessories can be used over and over again and can be worked into many seasons.
Winter is the perfect time for layering fashion pieces for warmth and style. When weather gets gloomy, cold or rainy, dressing in fun colors brightens anyone’s day. For a fashion boost, invest in a colorful wrap. Keep one in your car for those times when the restaurant or office is cooler than expected.
Spring is a season that inspires me to make room for summer or vacation clothes that are brighter in color and lighter in fabric. Temperatures are perfect for spending more time outdoors to enjoy emerging vegetation. Remember to keep a bright colored wrap or large scarf in the car for those chilly nights.
Summer means steamy days and nights make it ideal to vacation on the beach. Beach or resort wear gives you the opportunity to have fun and be creative. Colors should be bright – electric bright. It’s a great time to use our creative license and take chances.
Fall is my favorite time of year because colors become deeper and fabrics richer. Scarves are the most economical way to add a pop of color. A lightweight scarf worn under a business jacket adds color to a boring suit. Heavier scarves provide warmth on cool mornings or evenings out with friends.
Adding color to your wardrobe does not have to break the bank, focus on a few key pieces. A colorful hat punches up last year’s blazer. Bright colored boots can be worn with thick colorful tights under a sweater dress. A rap in an unexpected shade can be layered over a plain sweater or favorite jacket. Relax, get creative, and start to communicate with color. Those of us who love color know the power our favorite color can have on our mood, energy and confidence. When planning your outfit start with color first, it’s a guaranteed mood lifter.

Model: Sunny Mucha

MUA: SinfulMakeupArtistry

Launch a New Career: Be a Senior Model


If you think you are too old to become a model think again. Look around at all the advertisements and you cannot go one day without seeing seniors photographed as active and healthy with a thirst for life. Whether it’s the medical community, a builder advertising luxury condos, or a cruise line showing grandparents having the time of their lives, it’s no wonder that mature models are in demand.

To get ready for a successful new career as a model take good care of yourself. If you’re guilty of spending too much time in the sun, eating a poor diet, smoking or drinking it’s not too late to make changes. Get enough sleep, rest and try to avoid stress. Pay attention to posture, which is very important as you age. Avoid extreme diets. Also, develop a regular exercise routine that includes stretching. Consult a doctor before starting any exercise program.

In my book, Modeling at Any Age, I wrote about seniors and their role as models in our commercial market: “The media keeps us informed of new discoveries about what to eat and what to avoid. Exercise keeps us physically and mentally active. A strong faith and the love of family and friends have a positive effect on how long we live and how healthy we are during those years. The emphasis is not on looking young, but on being healthy and having a fit body, being the best you can be at any age…

Prudent advertisers know this and use healthy, attractive seniors to advertise to other seniors. Seniors relate to ads targeted at them, they want to see themselves represented. After all, an eighteen-year-old yacht pilot or some baby-faced kid posed in front of a mansion is not realistic. This is one of the largest growing groups in advertising, not just for denture creams or over-the-counter medications, but for more glamorous bookings selling cruises, new homes, art, investments and many beauty products. Why should skincare and cosmetics be limited to the young? Many seniors focus on better nutrition and on improving their looks, being more active and in better shape then some of that are decades their junior.”

Anti-aging products continue to pop up in the market because baby boomers refuse to age the way their parents did. Mature models are used in all aspects of modeling, especially commercial print. They are portrayed as attractive, healthy and affluent individuals who now have the time and means to pursue their dreams. So vast is the demand for the over-40 model that agencies such as Elite, Ford, Wilhelmina and other smaller agencies have divisions for older models.

Modeling at Any Age is a step-by-step, comprehensive, easy-to-read guide for modeling and how to flourish in the industry. For information on becoming a model or actress or to purchase my book please message me.

Model: Vonda

Concept and jewelry: Ro Martinez Rimes

Inspired by Couture


When I think of couture, I think of wearable art that can instill a feeling or emotion. After introducing designer Valentino, Oprah said, “It’s like wearing art.”

Creative designers welcome each season by unveiling their collections on the runway or wearable art. Their new styles, colors and silhouettes inspire you to put together a career wardrobe that is both fashion-forward and appropriate for business – or any event that calls for conservative or professional dressing. This inspiration is easier to find than you think and can come from all around us but specially from the runway. Use of the same fabric, color or featured detail allows you to gain the flavor of the original couture piece in a way that is more appropriate for your lifestyle.

Couture refers to custom-made, designer clothing and is used as an abbreviation for haute couture. Haute couture is French for “high sewing.” It refers to made-to-order, high quality clothing, usually created from fine fabrics and with great attention to detail, by leading fashion houses. Haute couture is high fashion – expensive, exclusive and trend-setting. In France, haute couture has a stricter meaning. Only design houses that meet specific criteria are allowed by law to use the words haute couture on their labels.

A career wardrobe must be conservative but by no means boring. No longer confined to black, brown, or navy blue suits, women have more flexibility. What better way to attract attention then with color, texture and the shape of their fashions? Look to the runway for ideas. A well-fitting tailored red suit worn with a neutral colored blouse is now perfectly acceptable in the business world. Today’s woman can wear bright colors, shorter skirts, and lower neck lines that in years past would have been labeled as scandalous.

Jacka Saldana, our featured designer shared, “Today’s women are always on the go, leaving little time to spend on our appearance for work which has an effect on how we feel about ourselves and eventually our self esteem. Therefore, I took a gown and turned it into a Business Couture piece that works for most professional women. My Business Couture line will also include a full line of colored fabrics that are stylish with a professional look that will make any woman feel beautiful and empowered throughout the day.

Accessories play a very important part in making you feel polished. Having an edge in this competitive business world will help you land a lucrative job or boost your success if you are a business owner. One chunky piece such as a pin or necklace is better than a few very small ones to draw the eye up to your face holding your client’s attention longer. You can mix metals, textures, and styles for a unique look. Your grandmother’s vintage broach worn on a lapel can be paired with gold or silver hoop earrings. Wearing your business outfit for an evening event or date is as simple as transforming your look with an attention-getting headband, hairstyle or dramatic makeup.

Look at designers as the visionaries they are. From piles of fabric and notions, they visualize and create frenzy in the audience as a result of their designs. Couture dressing, recently thought of for brides only, is not a lost art. One-of-a-kind dressing is more affordable than you think, and well-fitting garments that you have a say in designing are just some of the reasons that you should consider. Some designs, such as clear vinyl pocket jeans exposed more of your bum than necessary, never became popular. Others, such as bell-bottoms, shirtdresses and Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress, made history. Perhaps you will pick a trend to incorporate into your wardrobe that will be around for years to come. Until next time, be fashionable!

Model: Xiomara Velez

Fashion: Jacka Saldana of Jacka Designs

Hairpiece: Dolly Donshay

Makeup: Ro Martinez Rimes

Purses Function Over Beauty
Model: Alicia
Stylist: Ro Martinez Rimes

It is not unusual for women to have hectic schedules and go from daycare to work, and then off to the grocery store and a dinner date all in the same day. Having a purse that can perform a variety of functions is a way of simplifying our daily routine. No one wants to carry a cute purse plus a tote bag for the items that do not fit, such as baby wipes, reading glasses or hand sanitizer. As business women, models, moms or students we must rely on our purses to hold everything we need throughout the day.

Ask any mom and she will tell you 24 hours is simply not enough to do the things she needs to accomplish in one day. Purses must double as diaper bags and do triple duty as overnight and laptop bags. A good structured bag with compartments is as important as quality. Moms need bags with pockets on the outside as well to keep track of their keys, cell phones or often used items.

As a businesswoman, I know the importance of being organized. My bag has to be large enough to carry my files, laptop or other electronics I may need to keep track of my meetings. Large is not the only criteria; the bag must also be padded to protect my electronics and have a comfortable adjustable strap for business trips. On my list of requirements is that the bag be attractive and not too heavy to carry.

Young people and the not-so-young who have returned to school need a purse or backpack that fills many roles and must be roomy enough to carry books, electronic equipment, pens and pencils, calculators and the list goes on. My son had a teacher who graded students on organization and she performed regular checks on the students’ bags. The more organized the student was, the better they fared in her class. The proper bag can help you stay organized if it has compartments that are easy to reach. Since students are rough on their bags, durability is one factor to consider.

Since I find myself traveling on a regular basis for both business and pleasure, I have tried many types of bags. I use a black diaper bag with interior and exterior compartments as my travel bag of choice. The bag makes finding my passport and reading glasses a snap. Before you make a purchase, considering everything that must go in your travel bag: wallet, passport, reading material, lightweight sweater, snack and more. Other bag options are a duffel bag, tote bag or backpack. Your travel bag does not have to match the rest of your luggage, have fun while keeping function foremost in your mind.

When going on a date, you may choose a bag that is stylish and more fashion forward than any other bag. This is the only time you do not need to worry about compartments and the size since you will carry just a few items like a lipstick, powder, cell phone and keys. You will also need your license, credit card and a few dollars for tipping the valet. Beaded purses lend themselves beautifully to these occasions and are my favorite.

Fashion means different things to different people. But one thing is for sure, a fashionista who loves a good bag will put an entire outfit together around her purse. What is of interest to them is that their purses have style, color and stand out. As a model, I know firsthand what is needed when booking a print job, runway or any other type of modeling job. I strive for beauty and function in a large bag.

Enjoy your quest for the perfect purse and if you cannot decide between one and the other; why not get both? Some of us collect shoes, others purses!

“Larger bags continue to serve as double duty. No longer do women need to carry a purse and an additional bag to hold our laptop or iPad they have become a fashionable trend in every color which allows us to go from work to a night out on the town. Because the heavier load we are housing in our bags, designers are creating a stitch that is stronger and attaching sturdier straps. We can honestly say that our electronics have become as important to us as our makeup bag.”
~ Sandra D, Fashion Stylist

Top 5 Business Strategies for a Successful Model

While it looks easy to be a working model, the modeling field is very competitive and requires much hard work. A model must be multi-dimensional. He or she prepares for each booking or job by spending hours on grooming, wardrobe, traveling and more. Michelle Owens, stylist and owner of Wicked Threads said, “First impressions are so important. If you have a great outfit that looks professional and makes you feel confident, wear it! You want that confidence to shine through in any interview.”


  1. Appearance
  2. Punctuality
  3. Research
  4. Honesty
  5. Professionalism


Natural beauty is a small part of one’s appearance; a model must also rely on current and stylish clothing. A good sense of style depends less on how much you spend and more on proper fit and how you coordinate and accessorize. Grooming is important because clients are unwilling to do business with someone who is unkempt. Simplifying your grooming routine will help you get out the door looking your best.

Crystal Lockinour, hair and makeup artist said; “With advanced products and tools, creating a beautiful look is easier than ever.”

Being late to an audition can cost the model the booking. An industry slogan– If you’re on time you’re late. Models are expected to arrive 15 minutes early to allow for signing in. Punctuality is essential and displays your reliability.

Having more knowledge means having an advantage. Research before an audition will help a model know the targeted audience, how to select the proper wardrobe, how to pronounce the name of the prospective client and how much energy is expected.

There are models that lie about their measurements (reducing them) and their height (adding inches) to impress an agent or a client. Once your credibility is questioned, regaining trust is very difficult. Honesty is always the best policy.

A true professional has the proper tools and demonstrates the above attributes. Models must have the right photos, training and a good talent agent. They utilize tools that also apply to many other industries: makeup, cell phone, computer, printer, luggage, proper clothing and reliable transportation.

Focusing on all of the fine details can seem overwhelming, but attention to these details aid in making that positive first impression, thus bringing in more business. A good reputation is worth its weight in gold. Other important business strategies are mentoring, organizational skills, communication, networking and having a good business plan.

Photo by

Model Morgan

Hair and Makeup by

Wardrobe and accessories by Megan Simons of