Modeling Guide


Packed with essential information on how to take those all-important first steps, “Modeling at Any Age” is the essential guide for anyone who wants to enter this dynamic and lucrative field. Ro shares her special secrets that will help you to:

• Learn the scoop on modeling schools and avoid costly scams
• Register with the proper Modeling Agents
• Prepare for your first, exciting photo shoot
• Assemble a professional composite and portfolio for little money
• Learn from over 50 interviewed industry professionals
• Learn to keep track of expenses, income and how to file taxes
• Recognize the various forms of modeling
• Become a successful model while having fun

Ro Martinez is a successful model and actress with more than 30 years of experience. Now, she gives you the inside information on how to gain the advantage in this demanding and highly competitive profession without spending a small fortune! She holds acting and modeling workshops including our successful Models Bootcamp, our 30-day challenge focusing on people of all ages, sizes, and ethnic groups to guide them toward successfully entering the exciting and glamorous field of modeling. For information on becoming an actress or model contact us.


“This book is an easy to read, a must have guide to helping you take your modeling to the next level. I’ve learned how to prepare for my photo shoot, simple, but effective ways to pose and the model essential tools that are highly necessary in being the best. I recommend the book to anyone who wants to jumpstart their modeling career. Ro is passionate about modeling and shares insightful tips to assist every model in achieving their goal!”

~Samantha Mulero, Commercial Model

“I have represented Ro for a number of years and I have found that she brings both experience and professionalism to our industry. Having talent who are knowledgeable about the industry makes any agent’s job easier. Anyone who is going to sign with an agency should read Ro’s book because knowing what is expected of talent at auditions and bookings is priceless and is a great tool!”

~Nancy Clark, Clark Talent

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